The Secret to a Successful Summer Day

Summer time can be a challenge, keeping those little people active, creative and with minimal screen time use. One of the great things about summer is how we get to enjoy the longer days together. And in our family, the secret to a successful summer day is to have specific quiet times. Yes, you read that right, quiet time!

With all the fun summer activities going on, quiet time is essential for a successful summer day.

I usually start my day with a morning quiet time. I wake up a couple hours before the craziness happens. This quiet time in the morning allows me to mentally prepare for the day. I have a little morning routine I typically follow. Drink water. Work out. Drink coffee. Eat breakfast. Read. Journal. Pray.

Once everyone wakes up and before the kiddo’s start their day, they also have a morning quiet time, which usually involves reading books, doing a quiet learning activity and journaling, while peaceful + calming music echo’s in the background. Then, we are finally ready to start our day together.

After lunch, we have our afternoon quiet time, which last about 1.5-2 hours. Everyone goes to their own room and we all have a quiet time. Sometimes the kiddos sleep, read, color, play legos, listen to audio books, or just relax, the important part is for them to be quiet. I usually work in my office, or take a nap, if we had a really adventurous day.

After quiet time, everyone is excited to reunite and we enjoy a special treat together. That is, if everyone had a peaceful quiet time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Food incentives work, especially ice cream!

The kiddos feel rested, I get work done and everyone is happy to start the 2nd shift of the day. In which we do a little house pick up, then while I make dinner, the kiddos play outside, do evening sports, ride bikes or go on a sunset walk. We keep it simple, remain outdoors and only watch TV during Friday Funday Movie Night.

Before the lights go out for the night, the kiddos have their last 10 minute peaceful play before bed quiet time. This is where they get 10 minutes to play peacefully in their rooms. Then we read a bedtime story and go to bed.

Once they are in bed, the hubs and I get to have our nightly quiet time. I discovered these quiet times are anchors to our long summer days. It doesnโ€™t always happen peacefully, and we are still a work in progress. But, all in all, I know the habit of quiet time will pay off as time goes on.

This summer quiet time routine seems to work well. How has your summer been so far? Do you have a summer routine?

Remember to stay cool, drink lotโ€™s of water, and be safe out there!

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12 Replies to “The Secret to a Successful Summer Day”

  1. I look forward to my quiet time. It helps me to refocus and continue on with the craziness of our day. My youngest doesn’t seem to care a thing about quiet time, she will play all day long.

    1. Yes, my little can go all day long too. We are still working on getting him in the habit. My oldest now looks forward to his quiet time!!

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