How to Grow a Garden

October is a great time to plan + start a fall garden.

Growing your own herbs, fruits and veggies with your family is satisfying, enjoyable and rewarding. There are invaluable life lessons to be learned in the garden.

We are in the process of establishing our garden and we are having a great time doing it together. If you don’t have one already, I encourage you to start one.

Start small.

Growing herbs is a great place to start. It’s fairly easy, manageable and tasty.

You can grow them indoors and outdoors. We enjoy growing mint, because we love to make fresh tea from the garden.

This is my first time experimenting with seeds and it’s been so fun watching them grow daily. It’s a great activity to do as a family.

Gardens also attract butterfly’s, birds and bee’s, which are so wonderful for our environment + fun to watch.

My biggest tip: Just start! Okay and practically speaking, read the back of the seed package and follow the directions 😉

I hope this has inspired you to grow a little something at your house too.



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